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We develop Chatbot solutions for your business.

We offer consulting services in Natural Language Processing and Chatbots.

We develop open-source tools for Chatbot development.

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Why Chatbots?

A chatbot is a robot that can be integrated on different chat platforms to engage with the clients and employees in a personalized manner. Chatbots can:

▷   talk with thousand clients at the same time

▷   provide information on business, products and services

▷   help to manage customer account

▷   assist through the ordering process

▷   assist in HR, IT support & internal communication

▷   answer typical questions

Our services

End-to-End Solution

We develop the Chatbot Solution four your business and realize it to your full satisfaction


We consult in Natural Language Processing and Conversational Agent building.

Customized & Integrated

We customize bots to your business logic and integrate with internal systems

Multiple Platforms

Our Chatbots work on multiple platforms: Facebook, Slack, Telegram and others


Botium Open-Source

We developed a modular, customized Chatbot Framework for Python. We open-sourced it!

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Highly intelligent psychological chatbot that helps people in self-exploration.

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